İngilizce Çalışma Testi

İngilizce Çalışma Testi

Nisan 20, 2024 13:40
İngilizce Çalışma Testi




1.-8. sorularda, verilen tümcede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. _____ Amazon in Brazil is _____ longest river in _____ South America.

A) — / the / —
B) the / the / the
C) the / the / –
D) — / the / the
E) — / a / the

2. Last summer we went on _____ cruise in _____ Caribbean. Among _____ islands we visited were _____ Bermuda and _____ Bahamas.

A) a / the / the / — / the
B) a / the / the / a / the
C) the / the / the / the / the
D) the / — / the / the / —
E) a / — / the / the / the

3. There was little information at the airport. _____ people seemed to have _____ idea about what time the flight was likely to leave.

A) Many / any
B) A lot of / any
C) Only a few / some
D) Few / no
E) Any / no

4. _____ teachers prefer a class that is fairly consistent in having pupils of the same level.

A) Each B) Every C) Neither
D) Whole E) Most

5. _____ of what he said was very sensible.

A) Many
B) Much
C) A few
D) Few
E) Every


6. _____ drawings is different.

A) Each one of the
B) Very few
C) Best of
D) All the best
E) None

7. The report concludes sadly that _____ students have _____ knowledge of nuclear physics.

A) some / a lot of
B) both / whole
C) none / any
D) every / no
E) all / little

8. _____ his friends speaks any English.

A) Both of B) Some C) All
D) Many E) Neither of

9.-14. sorularda, verilen tümceyi anlamca uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

9. _____, but some are younger.

A) We are the same age as my friend
B) None of my friends is old
C) All friends of mine are younger than me
D) Most of my friends are over thirty
E) I’m older than all of my friends

10. _____ , so we agreed to stay at either of the hotels.

A) My brother and I didn’t get on well
B) My family was used to being away from me
C) We had no prior decision about the place to stay
D) The hotel I would stay should have been close to the city centre
E) We’ve never had enough time to think over the proposals



11. _____ want presents on their birthdays.

A) Either worker
B) One of us
C) Every boy in the class
D) Neither student
E) All children

12. None of us _____.

A) didn’t say anything
B) said nothing
C) told nothing
D) didn’t tell anything
E) said anything

13. _____ as he would have to drive them home.

A) The young couple wanted to walk in the rain without umbrellas
B) I’ve completely missed the significance of his last remarks
C) If only you could do a little repairing around the house
D) Having been caught exceeding the speed limit
E) His wife begged him not to drink too much

14. The teacher said that he expected me to be in class every day _____.

A) the examiner made us show our identification cards
B) which chapter the exam was going to cover
C) entering the room everyone was waiting for him
D) she didn’t want to say anything that would influence his decision
E) and that unexcused absences might affect my grades








15.-17. sorularda, verilen Türkçe tümcenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.

15. Birçok planlamacı, insanların komşularına yakın oturduğu kasabaların düzenli yerler olması gerektiğine inanır.

A) Many planners believe that towns in which people live near their neighbours should be well-planned places.
B) Many efficient planners claim that people should live near their neighbours in well-planned towns.
C) Planners plan the towns in such a way that everybody lives near their neighbours.
D) The new philosophy of planning requires that planners plan the towns very efficiently.
E) Towns in which people live near their neighbours are well-planned places.

16. Resitale ya Carol ya da Grace gelecek çünkü birinin evde kalması gerekiyor.

A) Both Carol and Grace are coming to the recital but one of them has to stay home.
B) Neither Carol nor Grace is coming to the recital because one of them must stay home.
C) Besides Carol, Grace is coming to the recital however one of them has to stay home.
D) Either Carol or Grace is coming to the recital since one of them has to stay home.
E) Either Carol or Grace is coming to the recital but each of them has to stay home.








17. Bazı kişiler güneşin parlak ışığından gözlerini korumak için renkli gözlükler takarlar.

A) Some people wear coloured glasses to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun.
B) The eyes of some people are too sensitive to wear any kind of glasses.
C) Some people protect their eyes from the sun by wearing coloured glasses.
D) Not many people prefer coloured glasses to protect their eyes from the sun.
E) People sometimes wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from strong sunlight.
18.-20. sorularda, verilen İngilizce tümcenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.

18. It was the only record to have stayed in the American charts for a full six weeks.

A) O, Amerikan listelerinde son altı hafta kalmayı başarmış bir plaktır.
B) Amerikan listelerinde haftalar boyunca kalmaya aday tek plaktı.
C) Amerikan listelerinde tam altı hafta kalmış tek plaktı.
D) Amerikan listelerinde altı hafta boyunca kalacak tek bir plak bile yoktur.
E) Amerikan listelerindeki tek plak orada altı haftadır bulunmaktaydı.

19. A number of skilled leaders organized national unions to try to improve their wages and working conditions.

A) Bir kaç yetenekli lider onların ücretlerini ve çalışma koşullarını düzeltmek için ulusal sendikalar kurdular.
B) Ücretler ve çalışma koşulları ancak bir kaç yetenekli lider ulusal sendikalar kurunca düzeldi.
C) Ücretlerini ve çalışma koşullarını düzenlemek için kurulan ulusal sendikalar bir kaç yetenekli liderin işidir.
D) Bir kaç yetenekli lider ulusal sendikalar kurarak ücretlerini ve çalışma koşullarını denetlediler.
E) Bir kaç yetenekli liderin kurduğu ulusal sendikalar ücretleri ve çalışma koşullarını düzeltti.
20. Neither of the candidates were suitable for the job advertised in several local newspapers.

A) Birkaç yerel gazete dışında hiçbir aday için hiçbir yerde uygun iş ilânı yoktu.
B) Adayların hiçbiri birkaç yerel gazetede ilân edilen iş için uygun değildi.
C) Adayların hiçbiri yerel gazetelerdeki işler için uygun değildi.
D) Adayların hiçbiri için birkaç yerel gazete basılması uygun değildi.
E) Birkaç yerel gazetede ilân edilen işlerin hiçbirisi adaylar için uygun değildi.



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