Will & Shall

Will & Shall

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Will & Shall




Here are some examples of verb forms used to express the future.

Be going to : I am going to spend six weeks in the USA ( an intention )
Will : I will be free for most of the summer ( neutral future )
Present continuous : I am starting work in September ( in arangement )
Present simple : She finishes college in June.


A) Will for the future

We use will to say what we know or think about the future. Will here has a neutral meaning. It doesn’t express the idea that we have already decided to do someting or that we are planning something.

B) Will for instant decisions

We also use will for an instant decision, when we decide on something or agree to do it more or less at the moment of speaking.

I am thirsty. I think I will make some tea.
You have left your computer on. Oh I will go and switch it off.
We must celebrate. I know, we will have party.
I don’t think I will do any work tonight. I am too tired.

We also use it to order things.

I will have the ham salad.

We also use will in offers and invitations.

Offer: I will peel the potatoes. Oh thank you
Invitation: Will you come to lunch? Yes, thank you. I would love to
Promise: I will pay you back next week.

C) Shall

We can use shall for the future , but only in the first person, after I or we.

I will be / I shall be on holiday in August.
We will know / We shall know the result soon.
But NOT Everyone shall know the results soon.

I will and I shall have the same meanning here, shall is a little formal. Both I will and I shall can be shortened to I’ll

I’ll be on holiday in August.


A) Intentıons

We use be going to to talk about something we have decided to do (an intention).

I am going to watch the next program.
Emma is going to do an experiment this afternoon.
Rachel and Vicky are going to spend six weeks in Paris.

We can use “I am not going to” for a refusal.

I am sorry, but I am not going to walk half a mile in the rain.

We can use “be going to” with the verb “go”, but the present continuous is more usual.

We are going out this evening.


B) Predictions

We also use be going to for a prediction based on the present situation, when we can see that something is going to happen.

The ladder is moving, so David is going to fall.
My sister is going to have baby in March.
It is neraly nine now. We are going to be late.


A) Introduction


Will has a neutral meaning. We use it to talk about facts in the future.

I will be twenty next Friday.
The spacecraft will come down in the Pacific Ocean tomorrow morning.
Be going to

We use be going to for an intention, something we have already decided to do.

We are going to have a meal
Tom is going to sell his car.


B) Intentions

We use will for an instant decisionor agreement to do something.

There is a postbox over there. I will post these letters.
Be going to means that we have already decided.

I am going out. I am going to post these letters.


C) Predictions

We can use will for a prediction about the future.

I think United will win the game.
One day people will travel to Mars.

We use be going to for a prediction when we see from the present situation what is going to happen in the future.

There isn’t a cloud in the sky. It is going to be a lovely day.
This bag isn’t very strong. It is going to break.


A) The present continuous for arrangement

We use the present continuous for whay someone has arrengd to do in the future.

I am going to an ice hockey match. I bought my ticket yesterday.
I am meeting Harriet at six o’clock.
We are having a party tomorrow.
She is going to Paris next week.

The present conyinuous and be going to have similar meanings.

We are having a party next week. ( We have made the arrangements. )
We are going to have a party next week. ( We intend / we have decided to have one. )

B) The present simple for a ti¤¤¤¤ble.

We can use the present simple for the future when we are talking about a ti¤¤¤¤ble , usually a public one such as a train ti¤¤¤¤ble.

The train leaves at seven twenty – three tomorrow morning.
The match starts at half past seven.
Next Friday is the thirteenth.

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