Ağrı – English

Ağrı – English

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Ağrı – English




Ağrı ,taking place on a 1650 meter high plateau, named after the majestic mountain that can be seen from the city centre. Ağrı is a gateway of east where you can have an overall view of Türkiye from the highest point. Ağrı hosted various nations and civilisations throughout history. It is one of the important tourism centres of the east with suitable tracks of the legendary mountain for mountain climbing and trekking in summers, skiing in winters.

Area: 11.376 km²

Population: 437.093 (1990)

Traffic Code: 04

Districts : Diyadin, Doğubayazıt, Eleşkirt, Hamur, Patnos, Taşlıçay, Tutak.

How to Get

Roadway and airway arrivals are available. Airport is 7 kilometre from the city centre.

Chough Station : (+90-472) 212 09 63

Railway Station : (+90-472) 2l3 79 l9

Airport : (+90-472) 216 04 02 – 216 04 01

Where to Visit


It is a palace that was built on a hill in east Beyazit in 1789 by İshak Pasha who is the son of vizier Hasan Pasha. Having approximately 360 rooms and lounges ,the palace fits the qualities of a traditional Ottoman Palace . It covers a field of 760 m2 and it is told that the construction process of the palace took 99 years. All the buildings of the palace take place around two “U” shaped courts, each within the other, and in all the architecture of these constructions (mosque – harem flats – free eating place for poor people – public bath, recreation hall for only men – ceremony hall and entertainment hall – tombs etc.) a perfect masonry can be observed. In the art of carving and wall embellishments , the traces of Ottoman, Seljukian and Persian Civilisations are apparent.

İshak Pasha Mosque take place in the second court of the palace, between harem flats and selamlık (recreation halls for only men) flats.The Mosque dominates all the palace with it’s dome and minaret. With sharp curved arches and decorated huge portals the mosque reminds Seljukian architecture more than the Ottoman . Plastic naturalist large plant figures on stones that strange for Turkish art shows effects of Caucasus style.

minaret that, square planned and built with fully Turkish style, is a monument on its own. Octagon tomb built at near the outer walls of mosque towards the direction of Mecca, it has two storey that fit on Seljuklian tomb architecture style.

Outer surfaces of mosque and tomb (dome included) built with cut stone, window sides and some surfaces embroidered with Rococo style flower figures.

Cinviz Castle it is loccated near Kalekulu village, 20 kilometer south east of Tutak.


Turkey’s highest mountain, Mount Ağrı (5165 m.) had drawn attention of scientists, mountaineers and wanderers and became a subject to various stories, folk songs and myths.

According to the widespread belief, the mountain ,which is mentioned in Holy Bible and the Pentateuch, takes an important place in tourism. The world was covered with evil things during The Prophet of Noah.In order to punish human beings, God ordered Noah to construct a ship. Prophet Noah, his spouse, his sons and their spouses as well as 7 male and 7 female of all species in the world and 2 male and 2 female reptiles would be taken on board. Prophet Noah had constructed the ship as the god ordered and entered the ship with the creatures. 7 days later, all the creatures except the ones within the ship had been vanished as a result of the flood that had continued for 40 days and 40 nights. With the withdrawal of flood the ship had grounded on Mount Ağrı, and the creatures had left the ship happily and spread all around the world.The

Mountain which has a special place in religion is very fascinating with its majestic appearance rapidly ascending to sky on a smooth surface,with its snowy peeks even in summer and with its vegetation and animal species.

Religion Tourism

İshak Paşa Palace Mosque (Doğubeyazıt): The place, constructed on a hill at Beyazıt by Hasan Paşa’s son İshak Paşa who became grand vizier in 1789 , is complying with Ottoman’s palace organization with its rooms and halls, which are reaching the number of 360. It is said that the construction of the palace,760 square meters area, took 99 years. On the architecture of the building collected around two courtyards within each other and “U” shape (mosque – harem chambers – food aid chambers – hamam, reception room – ceremonial and amusement room – mausoleum etc.) perfect masonry, and on its engravements and wall adornments Persian, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations’ mutual impacts can be seen.

İshak Paşa Mosque is,within the second courtyard of the palace, between harem and reception rooms. Body walls are two times higher than the palace. Mosque, dome and minaret is overlooking to all of the palace. Its huge portals with sharp arches and turbans reminds of Seljuk architecture rather than that of Ottomans. Big plastic naturalist plant adornments on the rock are showing the impacts of Caucus alien on Turkish art.

Square planned minaret, fully constructed with Turkish style have a monumental appearance on its own. Octagonal monument, constructed adjacent to external walls, at kıble (the direction of Mecca) side of the mosque, has two layers complying with Seljuk monument architecture tradition. Window corners and some surfaces of the mosque and the monuments externally fully made up of cut rock (including dome) and are decorated with Rococo style embroideries that figure out trees and flowers.

Mount Ağrı: Turkey’s highest mountain, Mount Ağrı (5165 m.) had drawn attention of scientists, mountaineers and wanderers and subjected to various stories, türkü (folk songs) and myths.

According to a widespread belief mentioned in the Holy Bible and the Pentateuch, an evil covered the world during The Prophet Noah. With the aim of rebuking human beings, God ordered Noah to construct a ship. Prophet Noah, his spouse, his sons, and one apiece from all creatures in the world will be on board of the ship. Prophet Noah, had constructed the ship in parallel to the order of the God and filled the ship with the creatures.All creatures on the ship had been vanished as a result of the Flood. After the flood had come to an end, the ship grounded on Mount Ağrı, and creatures within it left the ship and spread all around of the world.

Mountain, which is very special in terms of religion due to this religious tale, is very impressive with its majestic appearance,height, its snowy peaks even during summer months,fauna and flora.

Ağrı – Mount Ararat

Turkey’s highest mountain, Ararat, has a legendary status due to its geologic location and the fact that it is believed to have been the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. This peak, mentioned in the Bible, has several names in different languages, the main ones being Ararat, Kuh – i Nuh and Cebel ul Haristir.

Prof. Frederick Von Parat successfully reached its summit, which Marco Polo said no-one would ever climb, on 9 October 1829. The former president of the Mountaineering Federation, Dr. Bozkurt Ergor on 21 February 1970 made the second ascent. Thousands of visitors came in 1980, and ten years later climbing was banded but this was lifted in 1998 when the Mountaineering Federation gave permission to a group of climbers.

Height: 5165 m.

Location: Eastern Anatolia, near the border with Iran and Georgia, between the Aras and Murat Rivers.

Best Time for Climbing: July to September. Winter climbing is very difficult but extremely rewarding.

Characteristics: Mount Ararat (5165m) is the highest peak in Turkey and Europe. It is a volcanic mountain made up of basalt, which changes to andesite lava around 4000 m. At the summit there is a glacier, and on the eastern slope is the Serdarbulak ridge, with Kucuk (Little) Ararat at 3896m. The height of Mount Ararat, along with its glaciers, geological formations, people, and mountain meadows covered snow has an alluring, almost magical appearance.

Transportation and Accommodations: The Trabzon-Erzurum-Tehran International Highway winds around the foothills of Mt. Ararat and leads to Iran. There are regular air, rail and bus connections between Ankara and Erzurum. Dogubeyazit is the closest city to the mountain, easily accessible from Mt. Ararat and Erzurum. There are a number of restaurants and lodging places in the city and the surrounding area.

Climbing Equipments: Crampons, rope (11mm), an ice pick and safety gear such as an ice-auger and climbing tape.

Summer Ascents: Sleeping bags made for temperatures of -5, -10 ºC, anorak, wind jacket, other camping gear and important supplies.

In order to climb Mount Ararat and/or Little Ararat, permission is required and it is mandatory that climbers begin their journey from the following points.

* Ascents of Mt. Ararat can only be attempted on the portion of the face that is within the district boundaries Dogubeyazit, and must follow the Dogubeyazit – Topcatan village – Eli Ciftligi route.

* Ascents up Little Ararat may only be made along the northwest face. The easiest route in terms of communication and accessibility, and the most commonly followed one, is the southern route.

* Climbers staying at Dogubeyazit can make their final preparations for climbing here and continue by car to the village of Eli. After getting water here, the first campsite, which is at 2800 m, takes 7-8 hours to reach. On the second day, after a 4-6 hour climb, one can expect to reach the next campsite at around 4200 m. It is obligatory for climbers to be equipped with crampons, rope and ice-picks. It takes about 8-10 hours to reach the peak and to return to the first campsite at 2800 m.

Ağrı – Bubi mountian Winter Sports Center (Winter tourism)


AĞRI – Bubi Mountain

This ski resort is on the mountain of Bubi, in Eastern Anatolia, 18km south-west of the centre of Agri.

Arrival: There are flights from Ankara and Istanbul, and transport from Agri to the resort is only by private vehicles.

Geography: The ski season runs between December to April. The area has a terrestrial climate, and the resort is covered with alpine meadows, which is covered with 1-2m of snow in the winter.

Facilities: There is a ski lodge belonging to the Agri City Directorate, and a café. There is a T-bar and chair-lift.


Ağrı is rich with its thermal centers. There are Yılanlı, Davut and Köprü thermal springs in Diyadin . Spring waters are beneficial for rheumatism and dermatological problems.


The cave taking place on the slope of Mount Ağrı , near Telçeker town, fascinates the visitors with stalactites and stalagmites. Regular daily tours are arranged to the cave.


Sarısu Plains

City: Ağrı

Provinces: Patnos

Surface Area : 4800

Altitude : 1850 m

Protection: N/A

Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status with turna (10 pairs) population.

Main Characteristics: sweet water swamp

Doğubeyazıt Sazlığı

City: Ağrı

Provinces: Doğubeyazıt

Surface Area : 8750

Altitude : 1520 m

Protection: N/A

Bird Species: Important numbers of (10 pairs) çayır delicesi reproduce within the region.

Main Characteristics: sweet water swamp, steppe


Ağrı is surrounded by Kars and Iğdır at north, Erzurum and Muş at west, Bitlis and Van at south, and Iran border at east. Most of the territory of Ağrı is mountainous and undulate.The mountains of Ağrı strech in series. Rich, grassy plants cover the surface of the province. Grasses refresh at spring and extinct at fall because of the cold weather. Winters are cold whereas summers are dry and hot.


Located at the east edge of Türkiye, Ağrı became a settlement begining from the ancient times and a stage for various civilisations . Being a part of Anatolia and a cradle of various rich and advanced civilizations, the history of Ağrı can be traced to 18th century BC. Hurris are one of the oldest civilisations settled in Ağrı. In the middle of the 7th century the dominance of the province had passed to Arabs. When Seljuk Turks entered to Anatolia ,the province was dependent to Byzantines yet it was dominated by Seljuk Turks in 1054.The province that was once a sanjak before the period of Republic was named as Doğu Bayazıt .It was taken to Karaköse in 1927 and finally called as Ağrı in 1938.

Where to Eat

Because of the great amount of stockbreeding in the region there is a considerable consuption of meat and animal products. There are fish and local restaurants around the cute Balık gölü (fish lake) .

What to Buy

Mohair gloves and socks are suggested as original local cloth accessories .

Don’t Leave Without

– Visiting İshak Paşa Palace,

– climbing Mount Ağrı, the highest mountain of Türkiye and Europe, (Don’t forget to take permission),

– Tasting Abdigör köfte (meatball),

– Buying some pair of mohair gloves and socks for winters.


Registered Immobile Cultural and Natural Heritages in Ağrı


Archeological Sites: 7

Urban Sites: –

Natural Sites: 4

Historical Sites: –

Total: 11

Cultural (at Single Construction Scale) and Natural

Heritages: 18


Contact Information

Provincial Cultural Directorate

Tel: (472) 213 76 00-01

Fax: (472) 215 39 18

Governorship : (+90-472) 215 77 66

Municipality : (+90-472) 215 10 23

Hospital : (+90-472) 215 30 96

Police : (+90-472) 215 28 93

Gendarme : (+90-472) 213 71 83

Provincial Directorate : (+90-472) 215 37 30

Tourism Information Office : (+90-472) 321 20 09

Provincial Culture Directorate : (+90-472) 213 76 00

Frontier Civil Administration Office: : (+90-472) 321 24 54


Ağrı Governorship http://www.agri.gov.tr/

OHAL(Emergency Rule Administration) http://www.ohal.gov.tr/

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